Reviews Of “Rome Will Burn’s” EP

Rave reviews are starting to come in – Check them out:

Rome Will Burn has created a recording that many established pop stars don’t seem to be capable of making…Rome Will Burn explodes natural high energy with an infectious enthusiasm. They are musically brilliant, while this EP just entices and draws you in. You just can’t help yourself but to follow. And listen or dance! – JamSphere

Check out ‘Rome Will Burn.’ They’re great and are actually reworking their niche in a way that feels effective and consistently compelling. It’s fun music with a surprising amount of depth, especially instrumentally. It’s some of the best indie pop music of 2015….The incredible production of ‘Chameleon’ takes danceable pop to an entirely new level, utilizing immensely fascinating vocal layering, harmonies, string sections, and tight, superb beats.  – AssociatedNews.US

It’s a sparkling effort in production and an EP full of vibrant & versatile performances with something that’s bound to audibly-appeal to most everyone out there looking for a solid new rhythm & groove in their music accompanied by the confident sound of a singer that brings it all to that next-level through the combination of talent, hard-work, dedication…and the pure-love for making incredible music to share with you all. – Sleeping Bag Studios

Overall, this is a fantastic debut release from a pop/dance duo who have carefully cultivated and developed their sound in the studio and are already the ‘finished article’. The combination of Alyssa Suede’s voice and Manifesto’s Gypsy/classical influence makes for a unique sound that will help them stand apart from the crowd. Several of these tracks would make excellent singles, and Alyssa being Beck’s sister will not hurt in terms of publicity! No nepotism is necessary though, Rome Will Burn stand out as a musical force to be reckoned with and you’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future. The Faulkner Review

There are some wonderful elements happening in this EP—music that has a funky, bass-slapping groove yet is synth-driven and highly danceable…. we suggest you check them out—because if they keep going on this trajectory they’re going to break out and be huge. Music2Mayhem

The imaginative music project consists of Alyssa Suede, singer-songwriter and Carlton Moody (aka Manifesto), international DJ, producer and violin virtuoso.  Together they produce an electronic-pop sound that challenges the genre to enter new territory.  Elements of classical and folk enter into the dance-pop base to create something truly original. When you are ready for the next big thing in electro-pop enter their world at:  Indie Band Guru

Six tracks of anthemic, glistening pop wonder, Rome Will Burn have made their own distinct mark on the genre, joining a refined knack for upbeat pop brilliance with a clear, enveloping vision. ‘Chameleon’ is an unabashed joy,…and all told, the EP is a powerful showing for both the future of the band, and the future of the genre. Anthem Review

Their music and videos have a sound and vision that will excited even the most critical pop music enthusiast.  Their songs are filled with energy and passion. Their videos demonstrate a stagecraft and execution well beyond their years. Their mastery of their instruments?  Profound as well…Go check out their music and their videos and see for yourself!  I highly recommend watching their Chameleon video. A breath-taking combination of dance, electronic fiddling and soaring vocals!  One look and you’ll be a convert to Rome Will Burn! Alan Spada

…this is a fun, exciting, intelligible and enjoyable self titled release. In these five songs, they manage to inject their unique influences and different moods in a clever and well constructed way. The duo’s pretence is that people think there is nothing new or interesting in the genre of electronic pop, and I think anyone who hears this will easily agree that Rome Will Burn smash this idea and come out strong with their unique blend of electronic music. If you are looking for something inspiring and unusual, look no further! Carina.